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Transchem Group is ready to support you with a full line-up of equipment, chemistry, and service. As a family owned business with over 45 years of quality partnerships and expertise in vehicle and commercial cleaning, we care about your success and know how to deliver lasting results. We offer a full range of high quality solutions that will build profits, enhance your brand, and keep your customers coming back week after week.

Your One-Stop-Shop for Exceptional Car Wash Products & Service

The Transchem Group is your one-stop-shop for professional car washing in Alberta. We are proud to support the Alberta market directly from our local office in Calgary with chemistry, equipment, service and expertise.


Don’t succumb to equipment headaches at your car wash. Let us help keep things running smoothly, and come to your aid when unexpected service failures arise. We’ve grown our service team with industry veterans from across the province ensuring car washes like yours are always taken care of. Our team is experienced in working with tunnels, IBAs, self-serves and a wide range of residential or customized wash systems.

Maximize up-time with proactive maintenance and detailed site checklists
Rely on timely support to bring equipment failures back into operation
Deal directly with company leadership to ensure your unique needs are met
Feel confident that you aren’t spending more than you need on chemicals or equipment upgrades

We distribute

Transchem Group strives to support our customers with the highest quality products available. Providing full solutions and service in Alberta, we are proud to distribute the following premium brands and solutions to our customers.

Plus many others!

Working with Transchem Group, you know you are getting a comprehensive and quality car wash solution that we would use in our own car wash projects.


As an auto-dealership, enhancing the guest experience and driving revenue from additional services are at the forefront of strategies to grow business. A high quality car wash may be one of the most cost-effective solutions to unlocking a powerful revenue stream for your business, while keeping your customers happy with a clean vehicle after each visit.

We believe that increasing your wash volume and average ticket price is one of the easiest ways to increase revenue for your dealership, without necessarily upgrading expensive wash equipment. Take advantage of this high-margin business vertical by leveraging our marketing collateral, exceptional wash results, and the ubiquity of the Turtle Wax® Pro brand, or the great value and performance of our AutoLux line-up.

Our proven lineup of equipment and chemistry will work in any dealership setting. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing wash, add a value automatic car wash, or enhance your offerings with a durable High Pressure Washing Station, we will deliver the best.

We know that your focus is on selling and servicing vehicles, so we’ve developed a turnkey selection of four products exclusively formulated in collaboration with auto dealers to deliver the best results with a great margin.

Consumer loyalty is more important than ever. You’re already providing great service and value to your customers, why not elevate your customer-experience with a great quality wash that keeps them coming back to your dealership week after week?

Already have a car wash at your dealership and want to learn more about maximizing your profits? Looking to build a wash or new dealership with a wash? Reach out to us to speak with our team of car wash experts about how the Transchem Group can partner with you to achieve your business goals!

Parts and vending

We carry and stock a wide selection of replacement parts to ensure your business is always running smoothly, with minimum downtime if and when the unexpected happens. As a long standing partner of the top names in the industry, if we don’t have what you need on hand, we will ensure that your requests are prioritized.
ASCO Numatics Solenoid Valves
General Pump (Pumps and Parts)
CAT Pump (Pumps and Parts)
Airlift Door / Ultimate Door Parts
Washworld Parts
CoinCo Validators and Coin Changers
Standard Change Makers Parts / Bill Changers
IDX Coin Acceptors and Timers
Self-Serve / Wash Bay Hoses and Accessories
Guns, Wands, Nozzles
Custom and Premade Hose Assemblies
Overhead Booms
Hose Reels
Armor All®
Blue Magic® Vending Supplies
Car Freshener Little Trees®
Towels, Glass Cleaner, and much more!

Everything you need to keep your business running 365 days a year is now available in one spot. With an inventory of approximately 3000 different car wash parts and branded vending supplies, we encourage you to contact us so we can support your specific parts and vending needs!

Our team at ASI finds the product quality and customer experience second to none with Transchem Group products.
Not only do the products exceed expectations, but the customer service and support is fantastic. Our customers enjoy the brand recognition and marketing support and we enjoy working with a family owned business that cares about their customers.
Jeremy Dohm,
President at ASI