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Exceptional Car Wash Service

Transchem Group is ready to support you and your business with our complete range of car wash services and knowledgeable technicians! Available where we have a direct-to-market presence in Ontario and Alberta, we proudly offer robust and reliable service and support to our clients from industry veterans who care about your long-term success.

Whether needing installations or unexpected repairs, get your car wash equipment running smoothly with our experienced technicians. We’ve grown our service team with industry veterans from across the province to ensure car washes like yours are always taken care of. Our team is experienced in working with tunnels, IBAs, self-serves and a wide range of residential, agricultural, marine or customized wash systems.

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With Transchem Group’s Equipment Division, everything you need to keep your business running 365 days a year is available in one spot. Keeping an inventory of approximately 3000 different car wash parts and branded vending supplies, we encourage you to contact us so we can support your specific parts and vending needs!

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Available in our Ontario and Alberta markets, vehicle dealerships can experience the very profitable benefits of car wash, tailored perfectly to their own business!

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Have confidence that you’re making great choices with your car wash building project. With more than 45 years of industry consulting experience behind us, we’ve been through the wash, so to speak! When embarking on a big project in car wash, you may want to discover all your options, avoid costly mistakes, or have an expert guide you through the process. Whether you’re a new investor evaluating the industry, or an experienced car washer looking for insight into a new project, Seek out Transchem Group’s expertise through our Consulting Services.

Whether it’s a new build, retrofit or other upgrade, we can help you discover the best solutions for your car wash business. At Transchem Group, we have an experienced Service and Sales team who can help you navigate and source the right products, equipment, and contractors to help you build your business.


The car wash industry is one of the most prominent investment opportunities for institutional and independent investors alike. With most communities in Canada being underserved, there is substantial growth returns to be made in developing a Greenfield wash, acquiring an existing site or partnering with a franchise.

The common rule of thumb in the industry is to build a new wash anywhere with 30,000 people within a 5KM radius, but there is so much more to consider before diving in.  

Our team is here to provide our take on the best way to enter the market and partner with you along the way to make it happen.

Our team at ASI finds the product quality and customer experience second to none with Transchem Group products.
Not only do the products exceed expectations, but the customer service and support is fantastic. Our customers enjoy the brand recognition and marketing support and we enjoy working with a family owned business that cares about their customers.
Jeremy Dohm,
President at ASI